Sink the Stink® was founded in 1992 by Bob Denton, a former University Professor, Sea Kayaker and avid Scuba Diver. Bob’s first dive was in 1962 at the age of 13. In 1991, Bob was working on an oil contamination remediation project in recently liberated Eastern Europe. Bob was investigating the use of bacteria to remove hydrocarbon soil contamination in the oilfields of Romania. During a trip with his local dive club, Bob became acutely aware of the problem of wet suit contamination on a long drive back from Florida to Virgina in a 14 passenger van. Sink the Stink was the result of a number of years of research using various forms, types, blends and concentrations of bacteria. Some destroyed the neoprene, some were ineffective and some lacked longevity. eventually, Bob developed the first batch of Sink the Stink®. Bob organized a “cyberdive” via Compuserve and tested the prototype product amongst a group of divers from diverse locations including Britain, Germany, The Pacific Northwest, Canada, Atlanta, Alabama and various towns in Florida. The tests were a success so Bob did an initial product run, tossed his lab coat and tie, put on his Tevas and headed towards Key West. “I decided that if I could sell 50% of the dive shops between Virginia Beach and Key West I would go into full production.” “I was on the road for 5 weeks, mostly camping in my van, staying at KOAs and dive resorts.” “Most dive shops were skeptical at first but after my amazing demo, and realizing that Sink the Stink would double or triple the life of their rental suits, they went for it.” “I probably got 50% of the male dive shop owners and 90% of the female owners signed all the way to North Florida.” “While I was heading into Ft. Lauderdale, I received a call from Trident Diving Equipment who had heard about the product from their dealers and asked if they could have an exclusive for the scuba industry.” “After a bit of research, I determined Trident was by far, the leading distributor of Scuba accessories...and the rest is history!”. Shortly after Trident began distributing Sink the Stink® in earnest, We were contacted by Beth Harper of Man of Rubber, a white water rafting manufacturer and distributor located in Ocoee, Tennessee. Beth felt the was a sizable market for Sink the Stink and we awarded exclusive distribution for the white water rafting market. Over the years Beth has done a remarkable job. Within our first year of production we added two other top distributors in their specific industies including North West River Supplies in Idaho and Paddlesports in Michigan. These days, if you rent river, ocean or scuba gear, it has probably been treated in Sink the Stink®. If it reeks, it hasn’t! “To date we have sold millions of our 1/2oz Turtle paks and ten’s of thousands of of bottles and gallons around the world.
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