Sink the Stink is a 100% natural biodegradable, hypo-allergenic product. It is non toxic and contains no harsh chemicals. Sink the Stink is completely safe for all materials used in diving, surfing and other water sports, including neoprene, Polartec, nylon and silicone. Sink the Stink can be discarded without fear of contaminating our fragile marine environment. The PVC Turtle Paks and polyethylene bottles can be completely recycled, and should be properly disposed of. Sink the Stink® is highly concentrated prior to dilution, especially or new Super Concentrate, and it may be irritating to the eyes and harmful if swallowed. Consequently, Sink the Stink concentrate should be kept away from the mouth and eyes and stored out of the reach of children. Sink the Stink has been manufactured to ISO9000 specifications and has passed the strictest quality control standards. It contains no harmful bacteria or contaminants. Over the past 15 years and hundreds of thousands of applications, we have never had a reaction directly attributed to our product. We have heard of dogs who have consumed large quantities, with no ill effects as well although we don’t recommend it.
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